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SKYFOLD is the vertical innovation that enables you to quickly redefine any space both easily and automatically.

Extremely easy to use, SKYFOLD is the perfect movable wall solution for professional environments that not only seek exceptional functionality but also an installation that has a real impact on visitors.

The SKYFOLD partition walls are designed to fit in any space, from a meeting room to an auditorium or large convention centre, including functional applications in classrooms, offices, and coworking spaces.

Fully automatic and housed in a hidden cavity in the ceiling, the SKYFOLD systems offer operative performance and an attractive, innovative look.

The SKYFOLD range includes opaque acoustic models: SKYFOLD Classic, SKYFOLD Zenith and SKYFOLD Zenith Premium, with an exceptional acoustic performance from 48 to 60 STC (Rw = 48 to 59 dB); SKYFOLD Prisma, with an acoustic performance of 52 STC (Rw= 52 dB), and the SKYFOLD Mirage non-acoustic glazed model.

The SKYFOLD partition walls are available with environmental product declarations (EPD), thus complying with the most demanding environmental regulations.

The advantages of SKYFOLD are:

  • Automatic operation: Easy to use
  • Space saving: No surface space is required for storage because it retracts into the ceiling.
  • Operating speed: Spaces are defined in minutes, avoiding the cost of traditional solutions in terms of time and personnel.
  • Clean appearance: No need for wall or floor rails in the acoustic models.
  • Lightweight: Thanks to its design, the SKYFOLD partition wall notably reduces structural requirements in comparison with movable partition walls.
  • Extremely high level of acoustic performance: up to 60 STC – Rw= 59 dB.
  • Multiple decorative options: Vinyl, HPL, Fabric, Lacquered, Hardwood


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