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At REITER, we address each project in the knowledge that it is unique, and that each client has their needs and each space its own personality. Every year  clients from around the world choose our team of professionals when they need to create, compartmentalise and reorganise spaces in their organisations.


The quality of our products is based on a strategy characterised by compliance with our clients, company growth, and the development of its collaborators, along with its commitment as a socially responsible company.


Over the years, we have established partnerships with a series of innovative and inspiring companies, and we continue to work with industry-leading designers and manufacturers of movable walls, contractors, renowned architects, and end users in many different sectors.


All the materials we use in the production process must be technical nutrients (represented by the blue cycle) or biological nutrients (represented by the green cycle). Technical nutrients, such as plastic, glass or metal, can be reused or recycled. Biological nutrients, such as wood, cotton or cork, can be composted to convert them into natural fertiliser. This is our commitment.


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