Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do we offer?

At REITER we do much more than design, manufacture and install Movable Acoustic Walls. Our mission is to help create functional, versatile, and profitable spaces for our customers.

Our wide range of solutions, products and services, which are leaders in different sectors and markets, allows us to satisfy the most demanding needs of our customers.

Our goal is to establish, with our customers, a mutual commitment and a long-term relationship based on:

  • Mutual understanding of the respective goals
  • Our competence to offer the best solution
  • Delivering innovation to support the requirements of each project
  • Our international partnerships to provide solutions at the highest international level, anywhere in the world
  • Our local proximity to assist you all over the Spanish territory

Why should you choose REITER?

Because REITER has the most complete range of movable acoustic solutions to address any need for flexible partitioning of space.

In addition, at REITER we can help you find the specific solution that best fits your needs.

And because REITER's experience, professionalism and service, which we have demonstrated in many different types of projects, allow us to guarantee you the best results for all kinds of works, no matter how unique and demanding they might be: hotels, auditoriums, training centers, conference centers, offices, banquet halls, cultural centers, residences, convention centers, commercial establishments, sports facilities, etc.


What is movable partitioning?

Our  Acoustic Folding Walls and Movable Walls have been designed to adapt spaces to a variety of uses. They empower customers to setup flexible and sound-proofed space distributions to simultaneously and privately perform different activities.


Are all movable partitioning solutions the same?

Each space has its own personality, each customer has different needs and each project has its own reality.The need for flexible partitioning of a training room is not the same as for a banquet hall. That is why at REITER we will help you find the solution that best solution that meets your needs forflexibly and acoustically partitioning a space.


How do I contact Reiter?

That is very easy. You can contact us either via our website ("We advise you" section) and by e-mail at or phone at +34 934 607 600. It will be a pleasure to help you.


Is there an after-sales service?

Yes. Installing folding walls and movable walls to suit each customer needs is just the first of our commitments. At REITER, we also make sure that they are always running smoothly.

To accomplish this goal, we provide our customers with an after-sales service with over 30 years of experience. We offer the services of a team of specialists that has the most advanced tools and original spare parts to keep our products running as the first day.


Do folding walls have guides on the floor?

No. The entire range of REITER's movable solutions does not need to carry guides on the floor.


Does it have an engine or a kind of mechanism?

Depending on their performance, some REITER's models have an engine. Most of our products have telescopic expansion mechanisms, which are the fastest and easiest to use in the market.


Is it possible to incorporate a door?

Yes, both a single-door panel and double-door panels.


Can I install on the doors an anti panic bar system?

Yes, it is possible to do so in cases in which the door panels must have the evacuation application.


Is it possible for panels to be transparent?

Yes, there are ranges of products with glass panels with and without acoustic performance.


What is the minimum/maximum height of panels I can install?

At REITER, we specialize in making customized solutions for each project. There are virtually no limits.Although each model according to its performance has a maximum height, at REITER, we have performed installations with a minimum height of 1,500 mm up to a maximum height of 18,500 mm.


What is the maximum/minimum dimensions of panels I can install?

We offer installations with a minimum length of 700 mm up to an unlimited length and up to 18 meters in height.


Can I anchor the guides to an existing wrought iron structure?

All REITER rail anchorages have been designed so they can be attached to wrought iron as well as to a metallic structure.Depending on the load the installation must support, the minimum requirements of the wrought iron structure may vary. In the vast majority of cases in remodeling works, we can adapt the installation to the existing wrought iron structure without major complications.


Can I order a rough folding wall and decorate it on site?

Yes you can. When decorative integration is a requirement of a project, at REITER we can adapt our products to be decorated by third parties on site.


Can I buy the system and install it on my own?

For systems with low complexity and with our advice and training, there is the option for you to perform the installation.


What is the sound insulation performance of our products?

It varies depending on the model and its application. The acoustic insulation performance ranges from 32 to 58dB.


How do our products react to fire?

It varies depending on the particular product and the requirements of each project. It is possible to incorporate flame retardant materials and, in special cases, it is even possible for the product to act as a firewall.


How heavy are the products?

It varies depending on the model and its features. The weight of our models can range from 35 up to 65 kg/m2.


Can it be installed in outdoor spaces?

Yes, there are models designed to be installed in outdoor spaces.


Where can I see an installation in operation?

Virtually anywhere. Just contact us and we will let you know about installations close to your lacation.


With proper maintenance, what is the lifespan of installations?

All REITER models are designed for intensive use. The lifespan of our products, with proper maintenance, is more than 35 years.


Do you have your own production plant?

Yes we do. Our production plant is located in Valls (Tarragona) and was opened in November 2006. It has 6500 m2 and the latest technology to manufacture movable partitions. Its strategic position, close to the AP-7 and AP-2 freeways, provides us with logistical advantages to quickly distribute our products.


How much is it per m2? 

Our prices are per project. Therefore, prices will vary depending on the size, dimensions, type of decorative finish, versatility, acoustic performance, etc, of the installation.

Simply press the Request Budget button on our website and one of our sales technicians will help you calculate the price of your project. 


Where can I see decorative finishes of your products? 

There are virtually no decorative limits at REITER. We can use any type of decorated board. The spectrum of possibilities is so broad that there is not a single catalog of decorative finishes. According to the projected product finish (melamine, vinyl, high pressure laminates, phenolic boards, upholstery, hardwood, etc,) we can show you some product finish samples. 


What is the installation time?

It varies depending on the characteristics and specifications of each installation. At REITER, we can adapt the delivery time to the needs of customers and projects.We generally need from 2 to 3 weeks to install the rails and from 4 to 6 weeks to install the modules.


What panel sizes are available? 

At REITER, everything is tailored to the specific needs of each project. Panels are custom made and are usually only limited in the maximum width available on the type of decorative panel to be used.


What is the maximum width of a module?

The maximum width of a module will depend on the measures of the decorative board to be installed. The standard measure is 1220 mm.


How thick are the modules?

REITER's models have a thickness that ranges from 71 mm up to a maximum of 300 mm.


What is the difference between the "Monodirectional" and "Multidirectional" systems?

It depends on where you wish to fold the modules. The Monodirectional system allows folding the modules on the same locking axis; while the Multidirecional system allows multiple folding options off the locking axis.


What decorative finishes are available for Folding Walls?

You have the option of having any lamina or veneer that can be attached to a wooden board. It may be vinyl, laminate, wooden veneer, fabric finish, leather, lacquer, etc. That is, the decoration has almost no limit.


What sealing system has a Folding Wall on the floor and the ceiling to ensure sound insulation?

REITER's folding walls are equipped with movable upper and lower planks to ensure proper perimetric sealing of the modules.


Can a acoustic folding wall be made of glass?

Yes. Within its range of products, REITER offers glazed acoustic folding walls.


How to use a folding wall?

It is very easy to use. The traditional system can be manually operated to move the modules. It also has an anchor that sets the module in the closed position with a ¼ turn of a special key. It's that simple.