Located in the heart of the city's financial district, IE Tower is the fifth tallest skyscraper in Madrid and the third highest “vertical” campus in the world. 180 metres in height, this building is a model of sustainable architecture and houses over 50,000 square metres of dynamic, multi-purpose spaces.

It is also a reference as a model of sustainable architecture. In fact, sustainability has been one of the key priorities of the tower design and construction process in the IE University.

The tower has 64 flexible configuration classrooms with different formats that include 24 movable partition walls and 30 unique spaces to encourage interaction, innovation and creativity, as well as open areas to encourage social and cultural activities.

Distributed over 22 floors, the classrooms are fully adapted to the educational requirements of the students and the subjects taught, and the movable partition walls include drawable and magnetic HPL panels.

Among other spaces, IE Tower has a Venture Lab to accelerate the creation of startups, a FabLab to develop architecture and design projects, and an auditorium seating 600 people.