“Excelsior, onwards and upwards!” This is an ideal that comes to life day after day at the Colegio Montserrat school.

Colegio Montserrat is a school that is nationally and internationally renowned thanks to its innovative approach and teaching methods.

It is an integrating, quality and differentiated school with almost one thousand pupils, from Pre-School Education (ages 0-6), Primary (ages 6-12), Mandatory Secondary/MYP (ages 13-16) to International Baccalaureate/LOMCE (ages 17-18).

The ambitious project by Alarcón & Matosas promoted the versatility of the teaching spaces by including movable glazed acoustic partition walls that encouraged transparency and the use of natural light.

Classrooms were also equipped with movable opaque partition walls finished in magnetic and drawable HPL that, along with their versatility, were extremely beneficial in encouraging pupil creativity.