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After Sales Service


Walls always in good shape

The installation of movable walls tailored to each client needs is only the first of our commitments. At Reiter, we also make sure they are always in good shape.

We offer our customers a maintenance service with over 30 years experience, run by a team of specialists with the most advanced tools and original spare parts.


Keep your investment in perfect condition

Preventive maintenance and periodic overhauls are highly recommended to ensure a continuous and intensive use of our products for years.For all movable wall systems, Reiter recommends contracting our after-sales maintenance service. We will annually perform a complete overhaul to keep modules optimally running and prevent serious and costly damage.

  • ® Bearings overhaul.
  • ® Rail overhaul.
  • ® Boards overhaul.
  • ® Joints overhaul.
  • ® Doors overhaul.
  • ® Mechanisms overhaul.
  • ®Module Management

For any questions about our Movable Walls please contact us at reiter@reiter.es


Proper use extends the life of modules.Proper use and proper care of movable modules will ensure their smooth operation for years. Below there are some tips:

  • Always handle the modules carefully. Avoid applying excessive force.
  • Never hang on the modules. This can damage the bearings, the rail and may even be dangerous for you.
  • Do not place cables or objects between the modules and the floor or wall.
  • Never place or store anything else in the folding structures.
  • Avoid leaning yourself or any object against the modules
  • Never force the modules to move them once unpinned.
  • Modules that do not operate smoothly probably require to be repaired. Let us know about any issues you might have before the damage becomes severe.