The Toledo Business Incubator is based on a site of 2,000 m2 that the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Toledo acquired to expand the list of businesses in the province.

The incubator was designed as a space for entrepreneurs' projects to enjoy the best conditions to be successful.

The centralization of communication nodes and services has an open floor that ensures the distribution of areas and the partitioning of spaces according to fluctuating needs.

That versatility has been, without doubt, the greatest contribution of Reiter to the project. Thus, Reiter installed several folding walls that work as "sliding walls" of up to 7.8 meters in length that can be slid perpendicularly with respect to the façade. Thus taking advantage of the entire available floor to subdivide the space according to the needs of each type of activity.

Reiter has designed, manufactured and installed 7 units of 7.8 meters in length and 3.25 meters in height and 35 units more, of 2.5 m in height and a length of 6.80 meters.