This is a leisure and tourism complex located in a special environment, surrounded by vineyards in the fertile plain of the Duero River.It has 35 spacious and luxurious guest rooms, restaurant, business meeting rooms, banquet hall, spa complex, gym, wine cellars, paddle tennis and tennis fields, among other things.In this project Reiter was responsible for the development of two different tasks:In one of the rooms we installed two acoustic folding walls R-1901 model. This is a more conventional area, suited for more specific uses as meeting rooms.

In the other room, we installed 3 Reiter Skyfold units, with a height under acoustic barrier of 2962 mm.

In this case, the Reiter Skyfold units do not divide rooms with the same characteristics, but they generate a different use: an open space in a large box shape of different heights. The Reiter Skyfold units are perceived from different points of the lower floors, and as they are opened they allow the spaces they enclose to open as balconies over main floor.