This project comprises two different towers that maintain a subtle dialogue between them. Although both buildings have a clear contrast in forms, together they achieve a harmonious and complementary relationship. The buildings - 110 m of height each - have a strong symbolic meaning because they emulate the historic Venetian towers that signal the way into the fairground at Spain Square in Barcelona.

The hotel tower (PB+25) was organically designed and the perception people get from it changes as they surround it. Given the constructive difficulty caused by the geometry of the building, the façade is divided into two "skins". The interior skin is an isolated enclosure based on a light solution of curtain wall with aluminum and glass panels, designed to ensure the thermal and acoustic isolation requirements. On the other hand, the exterior works as a second skin that gives texture and variable geometry to the tower. This "skin" is made of independent aluminum tubes suspended at their ends by hinges that allow the desired torsion. The relationship among the hinges, the aluminum tubes and the structure that holds them enables the materials to continuously adapt to the entire surface of the façade, expressing rotation, translation and growth as it rises in height. Thus, the tower is divided into three parts: the geometry of the first two parts that variably rotate and move, while the third part, the ground, which gets distorted and scales to increase the area and perimeter of the tower.

The office building (PB+22), with orthogonal geometry and placed perpendicularly to the axis of Europe Square (30° from the Gran Via) becomes an end to the square and dialogues with opposite side of the Gran Via (two octagonal towers perpendicular to this axis). This fact becomes even more obvious by the cut that the invisible vertical plane, coincident with the axis of Europe Square, creates when it intersects with the façade of the offices building. The perception of torsion and translation generated by the hotel complements with the second offices tower. This is a volume that, at first glance, seems pure. It is fitted with a glass curtain wall slightly recessed with respect to the wrought iron, but whose vertical red nucleus on the side of the building, also in an organic form, becomes a reflection of the hotel-tower. Between the two towers, and connecting them, stands a common atrium. Its unusual look, with its 110 feet in height and 80,108 square meters of total area, turns this project into one of the attractions of the new square at Europe Square, in the city of L'Hospitalet de Llobregat. It is also a clear presence of Barcelona's 'skyline' next to the airport.

The project has three main clearly differentiated uses: as a hotel, as an offices building and as a shopping area. The hotel's design, with 344 rooms, gets distributed in 28 floors. The offices' design, spread over PB+22 and 2 technical floors, is located on translucent and luminous floors. The shopping area's design is located within the offices' area, on the ground floor, thus completing the shopping area of Europe Square.