This project was based on three concepts: the sense of respect, the ability to auto-focus and the community spirit. The customer requested these concepts should be reflected in the space to help build responsible and conscious citizens.

The architectural design combines these three premises. It creates a systematic visual connection among all the spaces of the school, while seeking for maximum transparency and visual connection among work areas, to achieve a dynamic and clear reading of all buildings and create, at the same time, a space for informal interactions.

The Forum space articulates the entire school by playing the role of a space for debate among all the school members as well as for holding all the collective events.

The different outdoor patios and terraces have different characteristics to hold different types of events: sports, games, meetings or private discussions.

The new Súnion School is a rehabilitation project that brings back important concepts such as the corridors of silence, the seminars, the importance of space for lockers, etc.

The new space keeps the spirit of the ancient Súnion since it maintains the closeness and warmth of a school made by people for people.

Reiter designed, manufactured and installed our R-1900 movable wall in the Auditorium. Our R-1900 is made up of seven panels whose main feature is the range of hues in the finish of the decorative panels that cover the modules. The objective of this movable wall was to maximize the flexibility in the use of space with the best acoustic comfort performance.