The Universidad Pontificia Comillas in Madrid is one of the most prestigious universities in Spain.Their level of education, constantly improving, is very well respected at the highest educational level.

The university educates over 13,000 students. That is the reason why their classroom and training rooms, in general, have to be as versatile as possible. The adaptation to the Bologna's Plan requires a great variety of training courses and a high level of equipment. Maximizing the space of their classrooms spaces has become a priority.

The Universidad Pontificia Comillas has granted Reiter a project to provide greater versatility in their classrooms.

We installed our Reiter Skyfold, which is the most technologically advanced solution for movable acoustic partitioning in the market. It is fully automatic and is able to isolate or integrate an area in seconds by simply pressing a button.

This system gets a remarkable sound insulation of 51 STC.

Reiter Skyfold is quiet, fast and very easy to use. It adapts to all kinds of spaces because it gets integrated into the ceiling. Thus, it does not sacrifice a single square meter of the space it partitions. It also combines well with any decor and comes in all types of finishes: hardwood, fabrics, steel, laminated, lacquered, etc.