Torre Jussana is a municipal facility that provides services to all the cultural centers of the city.

Since the return of the cultural service offices to the traditional headquarters in the neighborhood of La Clota, in 2008, Torre Jussana has kicked off a new cultural center project, characterized by the incorporation of cultural associations in the daily work through the co-management between the Barcelona City Council and the Council of Cultural Associations of Barcelona, which in total comprehends more than 1500 associations.

Torre Jussana aims to encourage the creation of cultural associations in the city by offering services and resources that meet their needs and working for their constant promotion, dynamization and strengthening, in order to expand their level of influence to all the citizens.

Reiter has designed, manufactured and installed 28 glass panels of 2900 mm in height, which together form four transparent walls that create four separate rooms plus a central circulation corridor.

The assembly of the guides onto the existing wooden structure and the articulation of spaces using monodirectional rails were, without doubt, challenges for which we had to come up with innovative solutions.