Located at the central roundabout of Reus technological complex, the Tecnoparc building is an iconic and versatile constitution, due both to its design and the services it offers.

This is building designed to house the headquarters of various socio-economic initiatives: FiraReus facilities, a service center of the Chamber of Commerce, the business incubator and business center of Tecnoredessa and an audiovisual production center.

It is a flexible modular building with 42,000 m2. It has a big room with 1,200 m2 without columns to accommodate large events. This building also has two auditoriums. One indoor auditorium, called Antoni Gaudí, that has capacity for 800 people and that can be divided into two independent auditoriums. And another outdoor auditorium with capacity for a thousand people. The building also has a restaurant and an underground parking lot with 615 parking spaces.

For this major project, Reiter has manufactured and installed folding walls in five of the buildings that make up this complex:
Fair Building
Tecnoredessa 1
Tecnoredessa 2
Chamber of Commerce

We have addressed and solved different requirements of sound insulation, with different solutions, such as the division of a large exhibition space, the side-by-side separation of offices, or the partitioning of auditoriums and training rooms.

Always in close collaboration with the team of project managers, both at project and execution levels, Reiter has manufactured and installed over 450 acoustic panels, of different models and with a finish appropriate to each acoustic insulation need and precise dimensions for each space need.