The new ESADEFORUM is located in a privileged area of Barcelona with access to major roads. ESADEFORUM is a modern, comfortable and versatile building that allows hosting events specifically designed for each organization and occasion. Its cutting-edge architectural design and the quality of the acoustics and luminosity turn it into the ideal place to organize a large number of events.

The modular design of the Auditorium is ideal for small events as well as for events for up to 400 people. It has a total area of 910 m2 and a maximum capacity of 400 people. It composed of four areas:
Platea Room: 460 m2 / 288 people
Amphitheater Room: 82 m2 / 66 people
Platea Room: 170 m2 / 80 people
Platea Room: 280 m2 / 156 people

The most common events that take place in ESADEFORUM are, in general, conferences, seminars and presentations. Thanks to the effectiveness of Reiter Skyfold, it is possible to quietly and comfortably split or join rooms in 60 seconds. Reiter Skyfold's soundproofing is so remarkable that it allows to perform two or three acts simultaneously, with full insulation.

In short, we have installed a comfortable, quiet, fast, efficient, easy to use product, with a low after-sale maintenance impact. It is also noteworthy that the integrated folding structure in the ceiling does not sacrifice a single square meter of the floor space it partitions.