Examples of banquet halls and restaurants projects

Banquet Halls and Restaurants Projects

Every restaurant owner is undoubtedly focused on competitive differentiation by offering valuable services to guarantee the identity of the hotel brand and ensure customer satisfaction.

These are exactlty the challeges and objectives that REITER has.

The demand for both Banquet Halls and Restaurants that have multipurpose rooms is very diverse. This demand ranges from family celebrations, weddings, communions, as well as corporate celebrations, private dining rooms, etc. The maximization of the space use, the necessary acoustic comfort, low maintenance and better customer service are essential.

To achieve these goals REITER offers:

  • Value-adding features to optimize any need for flexible partitioning combined with design and innovation
  • Acoustic consultancy and project development
  • A virtually unlimited decorative range of products that adapt to each project
  • Noise attenuation levels ranging from 42dB to 58dB(*)
  • Adaptability and reliable compliance with deadlines for both new construction projects as well as for expansion or remodeling projects

(*) Scientifically certified

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