Inauguration of the new Masia, Oriol Tort Training Center (F.C.B.).

The new Masia, called Oriol Tort Training Center was inaugurated in a moving ceremony, on October 20.

Designed by the architect Josep Llobet Bach, the building has five floors, 5883 meters square, 42 rooms, classrooms and all kinds of special equipment for the training of athletes. There, the futures pearls of Barcelona will rest and form. There will dream of becoming a star. They will grow sport and personally. Is the new Masia of Barcelona Football Club.

The new Masia can accommodate up to 83 aspiring athletes, not only football but all sections. Everything has been thought through every detail. There is a media room for technical talks, a lecture hall to study which could be divided into four, which has involved equipping REITER Mobile Partitions Reiter model 1900, which gives great flexibility and versatility to the space, which also includes a playground, a cyber and a mini cinema.

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