CAR Sant Cugat New Building for the training of elite athletes.

The recently opened new sports modules CAR, building of 25,000 m2.

Has three swimming pools and sports made it as gymnastics, weightlifting, table tennis and taekwondo among others. With this important investment, the CAR significantly improves the conditions of training of elite athletes.

All facilities feature the latest technology, cameras, speed sensors, television screens and other items to put at the service of the coaches all the information for each athlete.

Reiter installed 5 operable walls model H-8700- a total of 120 panels, height ranging from 4.91 to 5.55 meters.
This mobile partitioning, high performance, is used to partition different rooms Weightlifting, Fitness, Table Tennis, Wrestling and Gymnastics.

The CAR new module, designed by Hernando and Sauqué Architects Study, with a budget of 36 million euros, was founded with the goal of making the Centre a reference in the automation for the combination of efficiency, quality and modernity of its facilities, which will improve the collective work of top athletes in order to reach sporting excellence.

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