Cradle to Cradle® - Environmental Cerfication of the Partitions and Mobile Walls of REITER Systems, S.A.

We must ensure that the next Industrial Revolution is green and generates benefits for both people and the planet.

The essential idea is summed up in that we have to redesign the way we do things. In nature there is no waste and there is no pollution.

The idea is simple: all the materials we use in manufacturing must be technical nutrients (represented by the blue cycle) or biological nutrients (the green cycle). Technical nutrients, such as plastics, glass or metals, can be reused or recycled. However, biological nutrients, such as wood, cotton or cork, can be composted to make them natural fertilizer.

Nowadays, most socially responsible companies must not only try to reduce environmental damage, but also have to renew and redesign production processes thinking about the total product life cycle, getting products that are safe for the environment and 100% recyclable


For REITER Cradle to Cradle® it implies an elementary reevaluation and a recreation of REITER products and processes so that we can reach the performance levels we set in advance for each of the five criteria.

The Cradle to Cradle® program involves all parts of our company, from stock management to product design and from manufacturing to technical support and sales.

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