REITER SKYFOLD: Cutting-edge technology applied to Virtual Hospitals

The healthcare sector is developing an innovative high-performance team training program, which is called Virtual Hospitals.

Drawing from the same idea as the specific training programs for airplane pilots, astronauts and nuclear plant workers, the healthcare sector is applying similar techniques, such as specifically adapted flight simulators and robots, to the field of medicine.

Virtual Hospitals simulate real cases with the advantage that virtual patients do not suffer.

"Classrooms" faithfully recreate the look of hospitals, with operation theaters, skill rooms and laboratories structured in several departments, as in any regular hospital. The practice rooms are equipped with recording equipment and with adjacent meeting rooms paneled with REITER Skyfold to allow and encourage the analysis of practices, as well as the discussion of failures and successes.

While a team practices an emergency surgery, another one analyzes it in an adjacent room in real-time. Between the practice operation theater and the meeting room there is an automatic acoustic wall that disappears after 40 seconds of having completed the surgery to facilitate the debate among medical resident teams to evaluate their performance and training level.

REITER Skyfold is a fully automatic Mobile Acoustic Wall with vertical integration. By simply pressing a button, it descends from the ceiling and within a few seconds creates an acoustic wall.

It is quiet, fast, efficient and very easy to use. It seamlessly integrates into any space and room decoration offering the highest level of sound insulation up to 57 dB.

These features allow its seamless integration with the high-level equipment required in Virtual Hospitals.

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